About Shiraz :
   Shiraz, the provincial capital of Fars, is known as the cultural capital of Iran, and the "City of roses and poets". It is the heart of Iran’s history and a center for the rich Persian literary heritage. It has been the cradle  of civilization and art for many centuries. Famous philosophers, thinkers and poets produced their masterpieces in this beautiful city. Shiraz is situated in a plain surrounded by two mountain ranges. 

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Shiraz is 935 km away from Tehran. It enjoys a mild climate and its magnificently impressive gardens have been famous from distant past. Being the hometown of two of the greatest Persian poets, Hafez and Sa’di, and a great Islamic philosopher, Molla Sadra, this city has been the tourists’ focus of attention. Chardin, the French traveler, and Flandin are among others who have visited Shiraz. Being the capital of Iran in different periods it includes numerous monuments some of which are as follows:Arg (citadel) of Karim Khan , Jame’ Atiq Mosque , Vakil Bazaar, Qu
r’an Gate, Afifabad Garden ,Holy Shrines , Eram Garden , The Tomb of Hafez , The Tomb of Sa’di .
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