Department of Clinical Nutrition has been established in 1985 as a part of Community Medicine department (Faculty of Medicine) and since 2013 it has been an independent faculty ”school of Nutrition and food sciences”.

The Clinical Nutrition department incorporates the same basic core of the Nutrition Science major, but includes additional courses such as Medical nutrition therapy, clinical trials methodology, clinical training, and communication skills to prepare for work with the public

Tomorrows dieticians and nutritionists are trained in the department, which accepts 35 students (BS, MSc, and PhD) per year. Clinical Nutrition department conducts various theoretical and practical courses regarding medical nutrition therapy for BS (the last two years of their studies) and MSc/PhD students (Master/PhD of clinical nutrition) so as to prepare students for graduate study as well as further career in the health professions (dietetics, nutrition science, research, public health etc.) The clinical nutrition department include several academic research groups, and is conducting a number of research studies in related fields of clinical nutrition. The department also helps guide the hospital's nutritional treatment policies and initiates new treatments using advanced nutritional materials. Furthermore, the department provides nutritional education to the hospital staff to promote their knowledge about importance of nutritional care in hospitalized patients. 

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